Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GiST #1 + CPU Update

CPU Update: Fixed but (you knew that was coming, right?) for some reason it refuses to acquire the IP address for the wireless. Le Sigh. It is the way of the Super Careo ... nothing ever works right the first time (or second time, or third time, and sometimes not even the fourth time). Thank goodness I spend all day on a computer with internet access or my Google reader would be in the 1,000+ area for posts and then I would probably cry.

In other news: I joined the Grace in Small Things network (well, I'm not an official member quite yet, I have to be approved first) and I will probably be doing that a whole lot. And by whole lot, I mean every week or so. If my computer gets it's act together and will let me onto the internet, then maybe I'll do it every other day. Or everyday. There really isn't much to do around the house when Boyfriend isn't there to entertain me/annoy. And so ... here is my first go at it!

Grace in Small Things (1 of ??):
1. A brand spankin' new salary and benefits! (yup - I finally got that raise!)
2. Two small furries who act like I've been missing for years when they come in from the patio after being out there for 5 minutes.
3. Two small furries who still snuggle me even when I forget to feed them dinner.
4. Boyfriend who can't sleep but will tell me to go back to sleep when he wakes me up.
5. The Joy of Cooking (seriously, if you don't have this cookbook and want to learn how to cook good food, then you need to get this on your bookshelf ASAP)

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