Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder How I Survive In Life

I have run out of contacts, and in order for me to see stuff in detail more than 3 feet from my face (you know, like cars and pedestrians and other super lame stuff that you should probably be looking at while you're driving to or from work) I had to wear my glasses to work today.

So I was grabbing all my stuff and getting ready to leave and I pulled my sun glasses out of my bag and tried to put them onto my face. Where my glasses were already sitting. Because I had put them on not even 5 minutes ago. And I was confused for a second when the sunglasses didn't slide effortlessly onto my face like they normally do. And that's when I remembered ... I'm wearing glasses already.


I am beginning to think that sleeping for two days is not such a bad idea at this point (even though there is a tiny part of me that feels like this is something that sleep will not fix). And as the icing on the cake, I left my phone at home - which is not a huge deal unless Brad Pitt finally decides to dump Angie and totally wants me to come along as he rides a motorcycle to the tip of South America and I miss that call. Not that I would ride a motorcycle (they scare me) or go that far away from a shower. Plus I have watched one too many "Captured Abroad" episodes to think that doing that is a good idea. But I would totally answer the phone if he called me. Totally.

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Sarah said...

one of those days, huh? i have totally done the sunglasses-over-the-real-glasses thing before.