Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am SO bored.

Yup. Not a whole lot happening right now ...

Except this!!

GiST 4 of 365 (yup - I'm going for a year's worth)

#1. Being able to sit around all day in an office instead of doing any sort of manual labor

#2. Having the kind of co-workers who don't get mad when you start to nod off during training because you just ate your lunch (and ate too much of it)

#3. Having the sort of co-workers who will pause a second so that you can run and get a coke to perk up so that you can pay attention to the training

#4. Beauty salon's that have last minute appointments so that I can get all prettied up for tomorrow

#5. Boyfriend, who comes into my room almost every night now when he comes home because he knows that I like it

I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow with significant others or your BFFs.

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