Saturday, November 22, 2008

Link Love (everyone's doing it so I'm going to too)

This blog is continuing to grow along with me, and I love it. I can't wait to see were it ends up going ... I have started to read the blogs of a lot of truly awesome people and it makes me want to follow in their footsteps of true awesomeness. I sometimes wonder if maybe I should make myself a tiny niche, but when I stop and think about it really hard, I realize that there is no one thing that makes my gears turn. It's a TON of things, from knitting, to scrapbooking, to writing about my life, my finances, and I might even start writing about my quarter life crisis (because I am totally having one - TOTALLY). I can only home that someday I can be as awesome as these bloggers. Want to read what I'm reading? Of course you do. So without further ado ... I present to you:

Link Love (I wish I could be as cool as you are) Edition!!

Clever Girl's Gone Blog - I actually found her blog because she was a Blogger blog of note a while back, but it is totally witty and hilarious and everyone should read it. I can't read Tia's blog without laughing out loud (and usually I'm at work when I'm reading it).

No Ordinary Roller Coaster - I don't really remember how I stumbled upon this little jewel. But no matter how I found it, Ben is hilarious and he has two tiny dogs (dachshunds) and he has some of the same troubles that I have been having - i.e. tiny dogs who think they own the bed and force you into crazy positions in order to sleep.

Wild ARS Chase - While I am not sure what the ARS stands for (personally, I like to think it's arse, like the way the brits say ass) or what the blog is about for the most part, what I've read I like. I like it a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Andy and Ben are doing some sort of wonderful co-blog event, which is how I found Andy, and it is wonderful.

Jungle is "101" - I am obsessed with Disneyland and this is a blog that caters to those who, like me, continue to hope that someday I too can be a cast member as a princess. But even if you don't want to be a Disney Princess (although I don't know why you wouldn't) this is still a totally awesome blog about all things vintage Disneyland (which is in my humble opinion, is by far the best of the two parks) by a former cast member, Mike.

Well Heeled with a Mission - A personal finance blog that is just like what I want mine to be like when my personal finance blog grows up. This 20-something is witty and insightful and good with money, which is something that I am working on. Hopefully someday I can have a freedom fund that's as big as hers is.

Keep your eyes peeled, these are but a tiny bit of the blogs that are starting to populate my Google Reader (which is totally sweet if you haven't ever used it) and so there will be many other link love type posts that are centered around a theme. Yes themes! How much fun is that? Now you have to keep reading ... right?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Offical

Slowly but surely, and not all together against my will, I am becoming totally, completely, head over heels, can't stop thinking and dreaming about it, obsessed with knitting. Yup, you heard it right. OBSESSED.

Right now I am in the process of knitting two scarfs. One is going to be three tones (but only because my mom didn't have enough of the beige yarn I started with in her stash), one pretty beige, then navy blue and then another shade of beige. It's big and it's going to be super warm and snuggley. And it has a wonderful little hole in it that my mother and I are mystified by. Somehow I managed to drop a stitch and pick it back up on the next row. AMAZING.

The second scarf I cast on all by myself and is bright red. It's skinny and it's going to be a scarf that you can wear while your at work or out on the town or what have you. Warm and decorative, can you ask for more? Right now it is quite small, only a few inches, but when I finish it, I'm sure that it will be FABULOUS.

Once I get these scarfs done, I am going to go out into the world and start building my stash. Ooooohhhhh yyyyyeeeaaaa. And then I am going to knit this 4th grade hat, a truly awesome handknit hat that you can find on the Twist Collective's website (which has soo many things that I am just itching to learn how to make).

Thursday, November 13, 2008


There are times in my life where I feel like my whole world is going like 60 million miles an hour faster than I want it to, and I feel powerless over where it's going or how fast it's going to get there. I have a number of things going on in my life right now and I am feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.

1. Boyfriend wants us to move in together.
This is not really a problem at all really, except that I had a tiny freak out about it after I got up the nerve to tell my parents the other night. And when I say "tiny freak out" what I really mean is that it finally hit me what I was saying and what it meant and all of the potential problems that could come of it. And when I tried to express my concerns and worries and fear to him over the phone last night, he got mad at me, which is not the reaction I was hoping for. Now I have made the whole thing just that much more complicated ... and I have no idea what is going to happen.

2. My parents are not really all that ok with me moving in with Boyfriend.
And now they are offering me a room in the basement that would end up being like a tiny apartment. It sounds totally awesome ... but I want to talk to Boyfriend before I do anything at all anywhere, be it in my parent's house or with him.

3. I JUST got really and truly settled in and organized in my current bedroom.
And now I'm thinking about moving again. The whole thing just gives me a headache.

4. Still no word on a raise coming my way in the foreseeable near future.
Which is a problem because I need more money if I have any hope of ever being financially independent and debt free.

AH! I have no idea what's going to happen and I really don't want Boyfriend to think that I don't want to move in with him ... I just have some worries that need to be soothed before any boxes start to get packed or leases signed.