Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing up is hard to do (recessions suck)

The news depresses me more than ever as of late ... some of you (like my mom) might remember way back when I developed a twitch that I blamed mostly on the state of the economy. I think there is still a chance that I might develop it yet again.

Growing up is hard. It sucks. You don't get to have spring break or summers off or the pleasure of skipping class. You have to go to work everyday in the same place and do pretty much the same thing everyday, which can get kind of boring (unless you count the occasional caffeine high as exciting). It's stressful trying to land your first job, getting benefits for the first time ... It's almost enough to make your head spin.

Trying to do all that in a recession? Yea ... it's about as much fun as it sounds.

Thankfully, I have a job (with benefits) and if I keep working really, really hard I will get to keep it. But reading the news makes me wonder sometimes if we aren't just zipping right along towards the end of the world. Honestly. (PS - if you didn't click on the end of the world link, you totally should. It will make you laugh).

But seriously. World banks are teetering on the edge of ruin. The stock market is slowly circling the bowl. The government is pumping million-bijillion-googolplex dollars into the economy hoping that it will jump start something but I haven't noticed a difference. Have you? It seems like the politicians are all running around scared, trying to figure something out all the while telling us, the people, to stay calm. Keep our money in the market. Keep spending.

Personally, I have not been touched by this monster of an economy. But my father's company has. They do a lot of business with California ... which is a state that is think about paying tax returns with IOU's this year.
"... state financial officials cannot say when tax refunds and other payments will begin flowing from Sacramento" from this article
My dad actually had to lay some people off in the California office, which is really sad. For the first time, when my mom tells me that "things are bad" I believe her. It's terrifying.

And on that note, I am now going to do a Grace in Small Things post to make this such a depressing post (also, I completely forgot where I was going with this post. Getting old really sucks). This is ... 6! 6 of 365.

#1. Getting in bed at 9 and reading until 11

#2. Boyfriend. Really, just him. He is pretty awesome.

#3. Knowing WHY my throat was sore when I woke up this morning. (I need to get those bed raisers from my mom ...)

#4. Knocking out the 2nd to last part of my right Prairie Boot (ravelry link) last night. Soon, I will have a set!

#5. Making up with friends after avoiding the issue for almost 3 months.

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