Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wherein SuperCareo Talks About Why She Loaths Politics

I hate politics.

Really, really hate them (it?).

I hate it so much that I came this close to not voting in the election last November (I know that a number of people hearts just stopped, sorry). My dislike of all things political was formed and nurtured by two of my intensely liberal friends (99% of the people I spend time with are liberals, including Boyfriend, while I tend to lean more towards the conservative side of things) who will from now on be known as Punk Kid and Newspaper Bitch (who I still happen to be very close to and I know that she will like that nickname).

Punk Kid was (still?) a big BIG Bush hater and was the organizer of many a school walkout to protest ... things. Things that Bush did? I don't even remember anymore. Anyway, Punk Kid spent most of her time on Yahoo reading news about what new disasters Bush was creating as a result of being elected as the leader of the free world.

Newspaper Bitch worked for the school newspaper, spent a lot of her time reading political type news stuffs and was also a debater. I think that she may have also been a helper for the school walkout of protesting Bush things.

Anyway, whenever we would start to talk about Bush and 9/11 (which happened when I was a junior) and the idea of going into Iraq to bust some terrorist heads together they would have their opinions (liberal = the right way) and then when I would voice mine (conservative = you are wrong) I would get crushed because I do not read newspapers or watch the news or even attempt to keep abreast of anything political so I had no way to back up my thoughts. Our political conversations have always ended that way.

The only way that Newspaper Bitch and I have remained friends is because we do not talk about politics. In fact, the last time we did talk about something that was even remotely political (big oil) she said something to me that made me so mad I didn't talk to her for like two weeks afterward (which is usually how long we go in between phone calls anyway, but that is irrelevant). Punk Kid and I are no longer on speaking terms, politics was not the only reason for the demise of our friendship (she may or may not have gone a tiny bit crazy).

Now that Obama is in office and is trying to fix out totally F-ed in the D (another story for another time friends) economy with this new bail-out, I am seriously considering just moving to an island with the dogs and a monkey for a butler. Boyfriend can come too because he doesn't ever try to talk to me about politics. In fact, I didn't even know that Boyfriend was liberal until I walked into his bedroom one day and there was an Obama poster on his wall.

It's not that I don't have any respect for the office, I do. I have a lot of respect for anyone who feels like they could run a whole country every day for four years. I mean seriously, intense. And it's not that I don't care about what happens to the country as a result of the policy decisions that are being made right at this very moment ... I like my job and the fact that it lets me live in an apartment with a roof over my head and food in the dog's bowls. And I don't want my children to be paying for this new stimulus plan for the rest of their lives (that haven't even started yet), but when people start talking to me about it, it makes me want to die. Literally. I get this feeling in my stomach like when I'm about to break up with a boyfriend or you're at the top of the really big drop of a roller coaster and you're strapped in thinking about how getting on in the first place was the worst decision you've ever made.

I'm writing this sort of a post because I just do not understand how so many people are 100% convinced that Obama is going to fix everything. And don't think that I'm nay-saying. If he can fix it, I would love that and I'm rooting for him. But I just don't get the fanatical fan base he has. Mothers who go on about how their kids are going to grow up during the Obama years. People crying. I understand that when he was sworn into office he made a HUGE step in the civil rights movement and all that jazz, it's awesome.

But if Kerry had been elected way back when ... would mothers be going on about how their children would grow up during the Kerry years? What if Al Gore had beat out Bush when he ran for reelection? Would you have cried when he was sworn in? I know some people who would have cried ... but not out of joy.

I understand that Obama is a person to be admired for being the first African American to hold a place in the White House, and that this is something that is important and should be recognized as such. But beyond that ... it's just politics again. The only thing that has changed is the face on the TV during the press conferences. He is still talking about the same stuff that Bush did ... and Clinton did ... and probably whoever was in charge before Bill was (Bush Sr?). I just don't see the dramatic change.

I really am pulling for you Mr. President. I really do hope that you can help fix our economy and take the country in a new direction. Preferably one with morals. One where people are all treated the same, given the same opportunities and such. You know, the typical Miss America speech ... "And world peace!"

Until then however, that monkey butler is looking pretty nice ... anyone want to come with me?

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