Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GiST #2

I know this is long overdue ... and I promise to start doing it more. Please don't hate me. But you wouldn't do that because that is against pretty much everything that GiST is about.

1. Fuzzy puppy blanket after being gone for 4 days

2. Traveling with Boyfriend (who gets very snugly on airplanes)

3. Having a way better time in Vegas than I did last time

4. Coming home from Vegas with less money than I went with, but still having some to come home with

5. Good friends who can talk me into staying awake until 6 am, getting up at 10:30 am and laughing until I can feel every muscle in my stomach.

and a BONUS:
6. KU winning my friends money (but not me because I wasn't smart enough to bet on the game. Oh well)

If you couldn't figure it out, I spent this past weekend in Vegas with some very wonderful friends and having a wonderful time staying up really late, drinking too much and hemorrhaging money. It's late however and I need to sleep because on a scale of 1 to 10, I was functioning at a level of .5 today and I think that I need to let my batteries recharge a little. Or a lot. It is quite possible that I will need to sleep for about 2 days straight before I feel like a normal person again.

I try to keep telling myself that I can sleep when I'm dead, but somehow it isn't making me feel any better/any more awake.

Probably I should go to bed before 11 pm when I have to get up at 6 for work.

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