Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am the master of all that I see

If what I happens to see will let me master it.

I finally got my wireless internet connected again. It only took me 3+ days after I got it back from the lovely IT person who cleaned out my hard drive. I was trying to connect and the little wireless icon would tell me that it was acquiring my network address, but would sit there with that little yellow ball bouncing back and forth, taunting me with its promise of the ability to access the wireless web from anywhere within my spacious two bedroom one bath apartment, for hours before it would say that it was unable to connect (hello run on sentence!).

So tonight I reset everything and typed in my password and waited for another 30 minutes before it occurred to me that I had put in the wrong password. So I closed everything out, put in the right password and in less time than I could blink everything was connected and up and running.

Which means that the whole time I was trying to connect to the stupid [expletive] internet I was using the wrong password and instead of kicking me off and doing something like TELLING me that I had the wrong password it just let me sit there thinking that everything was ok and working. UGH.

But now everything is fine ... and I can start posting regularly again (because I did that SO often before). I have been blogging in my mind for the last week and I have lots of posts that are just clawing at the inside of my head to get out onto the web for the hungry eyes of people everywhere!

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