Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Computers Suck - Watch out for Antivirus XP Pro

I have some bad news people. My laptop has come down with a virus ... which means that I will not be posting much this week or next week until my computer gets fixed.

It has been infected by a program calling itself Antivirus XP Pro (although it clearly is NOT an antivirus program) - it has taken over my desktop and thinks that it is totally awesome to open random internet windows with the website advertising the download.

Because I am TOTALLY going to download an antivirus program that infected my computer with a virus. That sounds like a completely awesome plan that can, in no way, backfire on me. Right?

Now I just have to find someone to fix it for me for free ... because I am still making not much money at my job, and I just don't want to spend a ton of money for someone to take the freaking thing off my machine. I tried to do it myself, and I did a good job, I know I deleted a bunch of the files that it needs to run because I got it to stop displaying the flashing "Warning Your Computer is Infected" sign on my desktop, and I even got it so that my antivirus would run a scan, where it would find the infected files, but then the virus would step in and freeze the program. I also now know how to unlock my task manger manually when the virus tries to stop me from ending all of its processes (take THAT antivirus xp pro!).

However, this must be the newest generation of the thing because none of the spyware websites I looked at had a listing that matched. BOO. Hence, I cannot get it off my machine on my own. BOO.

In other news, I finished my first ever knitting project! I will post pictures when my computer is healed.

Also, the apartment is still coming together. Boyfriend told me that I had to have everything cleaned up and put away by Tuesday night or else everything will be going into the storage unit. Which may not sound like a threat that I should worry about, but seeing as how I'm not sure where our storage unit IS (other than in the basement, I know that much), it presents a problem.

On a related note, two of my throw pillows have found homes in places other than my bedroom floor. However, the rest remain in a giant pillow mountain which has since been conquered by two tiny dogs in their quest to find the most comfortable place to sleep (other than my pillow, of course).

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