Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I Feel Happy!" - Old Sick Guy from The Search for the Holy Grail

Well blog readers ... if there are any of you at all ... I am feeling much better now thanks. I know you were up all night wondering how I would deal with my issues and worrying that I might spiral out into a deep depression. But never fear, having talked things over with Rose, the BFF, I am feel quite better. That's not to say that I don't have the occasional "Ugh, I look terrible" thought but the thoughts are not as frequent as they were and they're fleeting. Like ... "Ugh, I look terrible. Maybe I'll look better after I shower." or maybe even "Ugh, I look terrible. Maybe I'll spend 5 minutes putting some foundation under my eyes so that it looks like I went to bed last night." You know, the usual girl thoughts that we all have.

And usually it happens in the morning and then I look fine when I leave for work.

And then at about noon when I get really sleepy from my lunch ... I start to dislike my hair so I put it in a pony tail. A PONYTAIL! Yes, yes, a ponytail. My hair has grown to the point that I can pull it back, even though it doesn't all stay back unless I use like 6 bobby pins, but that's beside the point.

All in all, life is good.

Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and vent, no matter how other people might look at you afterwards.

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