Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I've Learned Thursday

Holy Cow! It's Thursday again already. And look! I'm making my second Things I've Learned Thursday post! Aren't you just so impressed/proud of me?

Truth be told, I have been waiting for this day all week. So ... there's a chance that this really could be something that happens forever. But then again, this could be last one you'll ever see. Don't get too attached people - you've been warned.

Things I've Learned Thursday #2
  1. I might have a roommate! To live with! In the future! Isn't that neat? I think so!
  2. Being a grown up is still pretty lame (but it's getting better all the time).
  3. I am really excited for football season to start (it may have something to do with my irrational desire for winter to get. here. already.) because I saw the Miller Lite ad where the bartender lady is poring a beer into a glass and there is football commentary playing in the background (I tried to find it on You Tube with no luck) the other day and got goosebumps.
    • On a related note, I might be turning into a dude. I'll keep you posted on that one.
  4. Hilda is 100% officially engaged (never mind that they had the wedding location and date set before he gave her the ring) and I don't even get to be in the room with her when she says "I do". SAD FACE/temper tantrum.
    • On a related note, does anyone out there know a spy or ninja? I really need some help getting into a wedding I'm not invited too.
    • And just so you don't think that my BFF is actually a bee-atch, the only people who will be in the room when she says "I do" are the parents and siblings. They're going to throw a huge reception bash that everyone ever is going to be invited too. At least I have free booze and dancing my face off to look forward too, right?
Woo-Hoo! Another Thursday, another few things learned. Tantrums were thrown. Dudification took place. And the hunt is on for someone to get me into that wedding (seriously).

What did you learn this week?


Anonymous said...

More if I wanted that lesson.

RCaitlin said...

That's sad about the wedding. I want all my friends there to watch me say "I do"! Don't know any ninjas but if I meet one I'll let ya know!

Full of Heart said...

Ok, I kind of love the part about possibly turning into a dude.
Definitely made me chuckle.
I love football season too, not because I love the game, but because I was RAISED watching the niners on Sundays. My parents were HUGE fans, and if the game was on, they were watching, and my mother was screaming and stamping her feet at good plays. Which is hilarious if you know my mother, because that is so not her.
Now she watches by herself, so I join in, and she taught me the game last year. She and I had way too much fun during the superbowl last year...
Anyways, it just makes me kind of happy inside, I love hearing it on in the background as I'm toodling around because it reminds me of those days. Very comforting I think.