Friday, July 10, 2009

Omigosh! It's Thursday!

Holy cow people. It's been, like, two weeks since I last posted and that is mainly due to the fact that I had way better things to do than sit around and try to be all witty and charming on the internet. What is better than wit and charm on the internet, you ask?


How about extreme tubing? Or watching bad chick flicks in the car with Armini's sister during a 9 hour car ride? What about making smores over a campfire next to a lake in Minnesota where Armini's family has so graciously allowed me to come and join in the family not once but twice (and the only reason it wasn't 3 times is because my own family guilted me into spending the 4th with them in Ohio last year. LAME.)

(Just kidding. I love my family. However, there isn't much extreme tubing going on in Ohio and I missed it. A lot.)

So, if you found your way over here last week because of a certain Item! Wednesday post made by one of my most favoritest bloggers evar Havi Brooks (seriously, I almost ran around the office in a fit of pure joy when I read it Wednesday morning), I would like to say WELCOME! My Sad Little Ghost and I are not at all sad that you are here and we hope that you will stick around. And just for the record, his ego has swelled a bit since we checked the analytics and the pages that mention him are now the top viewed content. He would like to say, "Thanks for making me popular!"

And for my 3 regular readers: I know what you came here for. And I will not disappoint you. I hope.

Things I've Learned Thursday #3
The Uber-Fun Two Week Edition

  1. How to get my blog back into Google's Index. Exciting!! Now, I can finally start playing that super fun game where you look at the ridiculous phrases that people use to get to your blog. Literally, I cannot wait.
  2. Uncle Bob is the most crazy extreme tube driver alive. My shoulders hurt for two days afterward. And: it was Totally Worth It.
  3. If you should ever decide that your tiny dog isn't snuggling you as much as you would like, I believe I have found the solution: just leave them with your parents for a few days until they are convinced that you will never come back for them. When you do ... Snuggle Party!!
  4. Sometimes making the right decision for you (personally, at this time in your life) is hard. But you know what's harder? Taking the decision and then making it a reality in your life. I have found that it comes with a lot of guilt, and bad feelings, and stress and stomach upset (for real).
  5. Even though I hate McDonald's radio commercials, the one with the rapping snack wrap cracks me up. However, I think that may be because it reminds me of Doctor Evil rapping in Austin Powers [I can't remember if it was 2 or 3].
  6. Not running for two weeks and then trying to get back into the swing when your half marathon is less than a month away and you still haven't run a whole 13.1 miles yet is probably the stupidest thing that anyone could ever do. I have found that it comes with a lot of bad feelings, and stress, and stomach upset (for real).
I hope that everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. Did anyone learn anything good?


Anonymous said...

I learned that working out a two week notice can be horribly uncomfortable.

Full of Heart said...

Wow, your Thursday update was fabulous. The McD's commercial I hate the MOST is the one about the free coke glasses where the peeps are toasting one another. About how he killed his goldfish. I want to hit those people, and I'm not a violent person.