Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Every blog on my reader today has been talking about how it's snowing like crazy where they are. So I thought I might add my two cents to the mix and talk about the weather where I live.

It's cold and not snowing.

And when I say cold I mean that with the wind chill, we're talking temperatures in the negative numbers. Right now it's 17 degrees outside (with the windchill it feels like it's 6 degrees) at 1:45 pm; when I woke up this morning, it was -1. I know there are places in the world where it's colder (like Canada or Russia) but when you have to take the dogs out every morning so that they can do their business ... it might as well be Russia because it feels like it's -1,000,000 degrees out.

It's so cold in the mornings that I layer like I would if I was going snow shoeing through the Alaskan wilderness. I wear leggings, under fleece pajama pants, under snow pants, with a shirt and a sweatshirt and my heaviest winter coat. Then add on my faux-fur hat with the ear flaps, gloves so thick I can barely zip myself in my coat and a scarf to try and shield my face from the wind. The wind that blows right into your face and is so cold that it feels like you're being poked in the face with a million tiny, freezing cold needles.

I hate to be cold, but if it's going to be so cold out, I would at least like it to snow. Then it would be pretty at least. As it is now, everything is frozen. Including people who have to be outside for more than ten minutes at a time. But at least the black ice is mostly gone.

I hope things are prettier where you are.

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