Thursday, December 11, 2008


Don't worry ... not the blog. Just me.

Boyfriend and I talked about how I was feeling, then I talked to my parents about how they were feeling and then all four of us talked to each other about feeling in general. An hour and a very detailed budget later, everyone was starting to feel better about the whole "living in sin" thing that Boyfriend and I are getting ready to do together.

We went apartment hunting on Saturday and ended up giving our application to rent to the last place we went to check out (and almost didn't end up going to). I would tell you where but since I don't know you and there is a chance that you are some crazy serial murderer type person (just for the record: I give you the benefit of the doubt) I'm not going to. You will just have to settle for pictures after we move in.

It's an older complex, but the floor plans and are nice and big and open which means that we get a bigger apartment for less cash. We are going to be living in a downstairs apartment which means that we will have a tiny patio, which is fenced in, for small dogs to scamper around in when I am just too lazy tired to take them out on a long walk. We also will have a wood burning fireplace to have delightful fires in while we wait out the rest of the winter. I am 90% sure that we will also be having plenty of smores parties over the old open flame. Call me Email me if you are in or around Kansas and I will hook you up (provided, or course, that you are not a creepy serial murderer type person whose true intention is to roast me over the open flames).

We were informed by the very sweet office lady that we would probably know this week if we get the ok to move in or not. Keep your fingers crossed that we do ... otherwise I think that Boyfriend will lose his mind. If we do we will be moving in on January 10! It's so exciting! And now I have to start packing ... again (boo).

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