Friday, December 19, 2008

25 cents For Your Sanity

This is a new tag that you will probably be seeing more and more frequently on my posts. As you may or may not (or may have guessed) I am sort of going through what some people would call a quarter life crisis. Writing about it makes me feel better and I like to try and work through my problems in a way that might help someone else.

Anyway ... I was toying with the idea of starting a new blog called 25 cents For Your Sanity (you know, like a penny for your thoughts. Only I thought that sanity might be worth a little more than a thought), but as I am thinking about becoming a joint author in a green blog project, I decided that I would just label the posts as what they are and include them in here. It'll be good for boosting my archives and I won't have to go like a million different places to blog.

Although I read the blogs of many brilliant people who do that. But honestly, they are better people than I and I'm not sure that I could handle having 4 different blogs to maintain and try to post to on a fairly regular basis.

So that's what that label means. You know, just in case someone starts reading something and doesn't understand why these posts tend to be angst ridden and depressing. Don't worry, I don't stay that way for very long.

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