Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birth-a-Versary Bing!

Dearest Binglehopper -

One year ago today I got to meet you outside of a kennel for the very first time. It was in the conference room in the Humane Society. Do you remember seeing me through the glass while the volunteer carried you in there? Do you remember when you met Tim for the first time? Did you know that you were going to come home with us and join our family for all the rest of your days? Probably not ... I mean, you are just a dog. I'm pretty sure that you didn't understand what the heck was going on. But you did seem pretty excited to be out of your kennel.

You and me on your first afternoon home

A year ago today, I thought that Boyfriend and I were going to break up for sure. We weren't talking (which really is the whole reason that you are part of my life in the first place) and I was so sad and lonely. And then BFF called me from the Humane Society and told me about you and I went to visit you. And you sat there all cool and composed like you didn't have a care in the world and didn't really mind that you were in a tiny kennel with a super hyper blonde poodle who almost licked my fingers off my hand before I could get you to come over and say hello. You were so new that they didn't even have any information on you up yet, I didn't know how old you were (although to be fair, I still don't really and never will) or what your name was or why you were in the Humane Society in the first place.

Such a handsome little bugger

I will never forget getting the call that I had been approved to adopt you but I couldn't meet you, or pet you, because you hadn't been temperament tested yet. I thought that was pretty funny. But I will never forget how wiggly and happy you were when we met, or how you completely ignored Tim and lazer-beam-locked onto me with your eyes and your energy and how cute I thought your build in trick where you beg by standing up on your back legs and flailing your front legs around in front of you like a crazy person. And then - I took you home. Where you promptly peed on the floor. But that's ok, it's part of parenthood.

Cutie pa-tootie

So the long and the short of it is: I love you. And even though the first few months that we lived together were real hard I am so glad that we met and that we have each other and I am very excited for us to spend many more happy and healthy years together. And I mean healthy - I can't be taking you to the vet every other week ... ok? But really I love you. And for all those times I talked about finding you a new family because I was feeling overwhelmed, I'm sorry. And I love you lots you little snuggle muffin you.

Your Mom

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