Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Careo's recipe for the perfect cup of coffee ...

EDIT: Please don't read this post if you are a coffee purist.

1. Take regular black coffee, brewed, and pour it into a cup.
2. Take Coffee Mate Vanilla Carmel creamer, powdered, and add it to the black coffee.
3. Stir and taste.
4. Dump in some more Vanilla Carmel creamer.
5. Stir and taste.
6. Dump in a ton of creamer because you don't want to have to pour and stir another six times.
7. Stir and taste.
8. Add a pinch more creamer for good measure.
9. Enjoy.

I {heart} my Vanilla Carmel creamer. It makes coffee a truly caffeinated, sugar packed treat in the mornings or in the afternoon.

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