Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holy cow ...

So as I write this ... I'm sitting, shivering, in my cube in the office. I know what you're thinking, "Caroline is always cold. What makes today so different?" Well my friends, it's because the air is still on even though it's not even 60 degrees outside right now. It's only the first week of September and it's fall weather already. It's just insane. Fall isn't supposed to start until September 22 - that's a full two weeks (alright, really a week and 6 days) from today.

Don't believe me? Look out your window and you might notice that some of the trees are starting to turn already. The trees in front of the office have already started to lose their leaves. AH!

But I do have to say that I am very happy that it's coming so quickly. So far I've watched the Muppet Christmas Carol twice in an effort to relieve my excitement over the coming holidays. I have yet to start wrapping presents (yes, I already have a ton of them) but I think that might be my next step. It's a good thing that my Christmas tree is packied away in storage right now because I totally would have set it up last week.

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