Thursday, July 24, 2008


Why is it on the days when you are sooo tired or just plain not feeling well my hair always manages to look terrible? It's almost like it's picking up on the way the rest of my body is acting (slow and crampy) and is doing it's best at imitating it. Even though it's hair. I mean really.

I only 4.5 hours of sleep last night and I spent the evening packing. Then I got up early to unload the stuff from the interior of my car so that I could drive around without looking like a hobo and came to work. So ... I'm tired. My period (the first one I've had in 3 months WOOT) decided to kick it into fully gear today and I feel like someone is repeatedly shoving flaming hot pokers through my belly. So not only does my stomach hurt, my back does too. And they are terrible cramps. And I can feel them zapping the little remaining energy I have.

I think I have reached the point in my day when I just can't really work anymore. Which is ok because I have been a little workhorse lately and when I get here in the mornings I do as much as I can so that when this happens it will look like I was productive all day. Yes my friends, the time has come for me to sit and stare at my computer, run random Google searches and pretend that I am doing working when really I have retreated to the happy place in my mind in hopes that I can escape the pain in my belly.

I will see you the in happy place ...

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