Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moving and Garage Sales

Well, I spent my Saturday afternoon packing and moving. It was quite exciting. I have to be out of my house in Lawrence by the 31st of July and so I thought I would get a little bit of a head start by packing up one room at a time. Today I took on the study ... we had a fourth room so we put all of our desks in there thinking that it could be a little study room. Too bad none of us used it really. Towards the end of the year it just started filling up with junk so it was quite messy.

I would say that I managed to get about 95% of the work that will need to be done in there done today however. My desk still needs to be moved as well as my other furniture in there and there is no way that I could have done that on my own. Plus I drive a Taurus. There's only so much that can fit in there and that does not include a desk.

Plus, I've been going through all my stuff to get rid of the things that I don't need. It's great. Not only do I get to clean out my closet and de-clutter my life, I have the chance to make a little extra cash to go into my new car fund. I think it's pretty neat.

I'm completely bushed ... I had such a busy day. The dogs got groomed, which they needed badly. Timmer was starting to get really matted and Bingle was starting to look like a little rasta dog. And I got my hair cut today too! So now my whole family looks great. All in all I would say it was a very productive day.

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