Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The "Why I Haven't been Posting" Post

I know, I haven't been posting and here I come back with the type of post that everyone hates. But I have to say that this particular post has been rolling around in my head for about 2 months.

And I hate these posts too, but I just have to get this one out so that I can use the space it's been taking up to think about other important things like knitting projects and binge drinking. You have to have priorities.

So let's get into the meat of the matter:

  1. I don't work at a desk anymore
    • Nannying doesn't allow much time for blogging the way that sitting at a desk all day does. However, I am working on perfecting my ability to balance a laptop, type and deal with a cranky baby all at the same time. It's a process.
  2. Armini
    • There are only so many "Oh, I miss him so" posts I can write before people stop reading and I become totally disgusted with myself.
    • Then there's that question of what I can post about my single life because Armini gets my RSS feed (and no I have not been brave enough to just ask if he is still reading) and I don't want to post anything that might upset him because I'm nice like that.
  3. My blog and my life
    • I needed a moment to figure out what this blog really is and how I want it to exsist within my life. Which I figured out (sort of). It's a process.

Whew. That was heavy and it's nice to have it off of my chest. I am now at a point where I can really start working on my blog(s) with a renewed enthusiasim. Dorky? Yes. But at least I'm excited about this again.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you'll do it more often...we miss you!

Full of Heart said...

I do that too, sometimes need some time just to figure it all out and try and decide where my blog is going.
I'm glad you'll be back more!