Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday(ish)

I was sitting in my office today thinking about how I should write a blog post and couldn't really think of anything and then it hit me: Things I've Learned Thursday. Even though it's Friday afternoon as I am writing this, it's still technically Thrusday in the states and I am totally using that to my advantage.

International date line FTW!

Things I've Learned Thrusday(ish)
South Korea Edition
  1. When eating fish in Asian countries, it is in your best interest to chew very, very slowly.
    • Related: fish bones hurt when they stab you in the mouth.
  2. No matter how many times you eat lunch with your coworkers in the cafeteria, someone is going to comment on how well you eat with chopsticks.
  3. (This pains me to say ...) Mom was right when she told me to pack long johns.
  4. The reason that Koreans eat rice and soup for every meal is because for thousands of years the Asian peoples ate rice and as a result their stomachs became smaller and their intestines became longer. Because of this, they can only have meat as a side dish (as opposed to the main dish of the meal) because if they eat too much it will get stuck in the intestines and cause cancer.
    • That little tidbit is brought to you by my (totally wonderful and sweet) 6th grade co-teacher Sumi.


Anonymous said...
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Megan said...

omg, #3. my aunt is always like "LONG JOHNS" i hate them. and now, i can't bitch about the cold to her because...well you's an i told you so waiting to happen.