Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gloves are Off

Alright FINE. FINE INTERNET. I get it. I'm wasting my life doing NOTHING. I GET IT ALREADY.

I am constantly online looking at the super-fab crafty accomplishments of the bloggers around me and with one pattern, one adorable Easter bunny pattern, Amy Karol over at Angry Chicken put me right. over. the. edge. AAAHHH!

So now the gloves are off. I am ready to tackle all the tiny projects that have been floating around in my brain. I AM SO READY. And so is my sewing machine. It's been ready since last Christmas (or the one before?) when I unwrapped it. Well - after the first time I took it into the Bernina store to figure out what the heck was going on with my thread tension. But now it is READY TO ROCK.

So readers you better prepare yourself for some pretty rocking finished object pictures. Some of them may be so cool they will melt your face off. Others will probably be pretty lame. But I don't care. You can't have FO (that's an abrev for finished objects, FYI) without a FO, which you won't have unless you JUST FREAKING DO IT. Which something that I have not been doing. But I can't take it anymore.


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